Heartburn Remedies

If you are asking everyone you know, for what heartburn remedies work best for them, then its likely that you over-indulged at your last meal. If your meal was particularly fatty or spicy, then you may be in for quite the day or night unless you address it quickly. While one may think that avoiding rich and spicy foods may keep heartburn at bay, in reality even something seemingly innocuous like chocolate, can have you trolling the net for heartburn remedies, especially natural remedies for heartburn. Then again, if you are pregnant, heartburn may be a daily occurrence and there is not much that one can do to avoid it, or is there?

Heartburn remedies can range from prescription medications, to over the counter methods to home remedies.  While they are all effective, our body types decide how we respond to each one in particular. For most folks, it takes a few heartburn remedies before one finally figures out which one works for them. But there are a few tried and tested heartburn remedies that have a tremendous amount of success amongst most people.  Among them are:

Aloe Vera Juice: If you experience heartburn from time to time, then you should consider heartburn remedies that address the cause directly, namely the irritated esophagus. Especially with repeated instances of heartburn, it is not uncommon to see a somewhat ravaged esophagus. Aloe Vera juice has tremendous palliative powers, and what’s more is that it is one of the few completely natural remedies for heartburn.  As heartburn remedies go, this one does not have any scientific evidence to show its efficacy but it has been used in Europe as the number one choice of those seeking only natural remedies for heartburn.  Ideally, aloe vera juice must be taken before a meal (30 minutes prior to eating); quarter of a cup of aloe vera juice half an hour before a large meal, especially dinner, will stave off heartburn.

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If on the other hand, your heartburn has already set in, aloe vera juice still has a role in alleviating your heartburn, although it may be a while before relief sets in. Even with the strongest of heartburn remedies, not just natural remedies for heartburn, but any relief usually takes at least 15 minutes as the acid-ravaged esophagus must be soothed substantially before the irritation ceases.  When choosing aloe vera juice, make sure that it does not contain aloe-emoin or aloe-latex substances that tend to be strong laxatives. So the juice should be prepared specifically for consumption as simply grinding up the plant will not suffice as effective heartburn remedies go.

Chewable DGL or deglycyrrhizinated licorice: In spite of its chemical sounding name, it one of the most trusted natural remedies for heartburn available. Among heartburn remedies that have been around forever, this one, which is a form of licorice, has been widely practiced for decades. However, as in the case of aloe vera juice, here care must be taken that the glycyrrhizin component is fully extracted in order to eliminate the chances of glycyrrhizin-related side effects such as water retention and high blood pressure.

Also, as in the case of aloe, no clinical trials or scientific experiments have been carried out to suggest that it is one of the heartburn remedies that work but the proof is in the pudding as millions swear by its effectiveness.

So whether, you experience heartburn fairly regularly or whether you are among the lucky few that see it rarely, keeping both natural heartburn remedies close at hand is recommended; it’s not like you get a warning before it happens, do you?